AppSec and SecDevOps Services.

In today's world with the increasing move to become more Digital, understanding your software development lifecycle has never been critcial. We support your orgnization in embedding security from the word 'go' when evaluating your software development.

The ongoing, expediential expansion in IT infrastructure brings the opportunity to improve and deliver greater functionality. It also drives the appetite for innovative software solutions and, often, quick fixes to support the required increase in capability. However, this drive to ‘innovate’ could come at a price if security is not embedded from day zero of the Software Development Lifecycle Cycle (SDL).

The introduction of a SecDevOps approach may require a shift in a clients’ project management methodology, which our experienced consultants will encourage and support. At the planning stage we will assess the project from a holistic viewpoint, involving members of all relevant teams in the discussions and decision making to maximize engagement and eliminate ‘silo-ed 'thinking’. Building a culture of security awareness is key and though transparency and collaboration, we will assist development teams to deliver a well-designed, thoroughly tested and secure application.

AppSec and SecDevOps Services

Shifting you to the Left!

Whether you are an organization looking to enhance your security within your software development teams or brand new to the concepts of securing software from concept to deploying code; we can assist you in providing essential advice in setting a cultural shift to the 'left' and provide support in building deployment processes designed to embedded security testing during the lifecycle of concept to production.

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Application Security Consulting

Having someone embedded into your team or working cohesively to advise your developers on security application security, such as incorporating OWASP concepts, reviewing proposed solutions, and casting a secure view over a software solution, is an area in which we can help provide expertise in supporting. We also supply expert knowledge in software architecture design and can ensure if you need a secure software design that our security architects can support you at this level.


One ‘hidden’ benefit of engaging a SecDevOps specialist is that digital security becomes a key discussion point, not an afterthought, and through effective project management, the awareness around digital security spreads! The resulting improvements in the digital security landscape, reduction in threats, and mitigation of risk are the reward for maintaining robust security practices. A SecDevOps specialist will bring that culture to the very core of any development project and pass on, in real terms, the benefits of embedding security at project inception. Whether you rely on Open-Source or Commercial security testing tools, we can provide a service to build out your SecDevOps lifecycle incorporating the best industry has to offer and ensure security becomes a daily activity instead of a thought.

Creative By Nature

Our team leverage each other's creative and problem solving skills offering you access to a creative solution provider when it comes to addressing your Cybersecurity requirements.


Our combined team has over 30 years in working in Information Security and ICT, offering you access to an extensive range of knowledge.

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Vendor Augnostic

We don't stipulate vendors, we use what you have and evaluate the best approaches to integration and security protection.

Business Benefits

Our team continually provide business benefits by enhancing your security and reducing your threat surface to potential Cyber attacks.


Our team of experienced security architects share our vision in that cybersecurity is everyone's problem and therefore colloboration is key to driving results.

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